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There are opportunities for you in Malaysia, whether you're a Malaysian at home or abroad, an expatriate already living and working here, or a woman looking to come back to work.
The Malaysia of today is the face of rapid economic development and growth. Over the last decade, the country has been making progress in its goal towards becoming a high-income nation. Evidence of opportunities is further supported by the Critical Occupations List, which identifies the skills required by the key sectors in Malaysia.

We have never been more ready for top talent and professionals. Now, are you ready to move forward with Malaysia?
Top students and graduates possess the power to shape the future of the country.
That is why we created a host of initiatives to provide high-achieving talent the chance to secure internships or work opportunities with top employers, and offer them suitable platforms to showcase their potential to the world.

So, are you ready to take on the world with us?  

In an extremely challenging marketplace, it is paramount that you, as an employer, have the capability to attract the best possible talent to help your business gain the competitive edge.
Understanding that, we are prepared to work hand-in-hand with employers in identifying, recruiting and nurturing top talent through a variety of initiatives related to grants, networking, collaborations, work-life balance, incentivisation and more. We also developed initiatives to help our partners – such as universities and education institutions – nurture the top talent of tomorrow.

Now, are you ready to explore Malaysia’s future of work with us?
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