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View of Bass Lake from our front door


Kelli & LeeLee

With the scenic beauty of Bass Lake as a backdrop, Great Lakes Tibetan Mastiffs is located in Traverse City, a small town in northern Michigan.

My love for animals came at a very early age. A lifelong passion for both dogs and horses means that I now have over 30 years of experience of breeding and handling both. After many years of showing my horses, I became a licensed judge. This has given me great opportunity to learn about correct structure and conformation. I was first introduced to the Tibetan Mastiff 8 years ago and this magnificent breed has been a part of my family ever since. I value correct structure, gait and overall balance of each of my dog companions and I am now actively involved in the TM conformation ring.

At Great Lakes each breeding is planned by thorough pedigree research and careful attention to the health of the parents. Those dogs included in my breeding program are evaluated for general health by a veterinarian with special consideration to hip and elbow clearances. To help ensure quality Tibetan Mastiffs, I strive to breed vigorous, strong and genetically sound puppies with correct temperaments for companionship, guardianship, breeding and the show ring.

All of my Tibetan Mastiff puppies are given the best possible start in life. They are introduced to a well-balanced raw food diet and grain-free kibble. Puppies are raised in a family atmosphere and emphasis is placed on positive training. And while their time with me is important, I truly care about what happens to the puppies when they leave for their new homes. Life-long contact with this breeder is encouraged and I am always available to answer questions and offer support. All of my puppies are placed with a written contract so that no Great Lakes Tibetan Mastiff will be resold, given away or dropped off in a shelter. New owners can expect an assurance of a lifetime return guarantee should new owners ever feel the need to relinquish their dogs. My ultimate goal, however is to work with those who approach dog ownership with a serious and responsible manner and who have every intention of offering a loving home for the lifetime of a Great Lakes companion.

Thank you for visiting my site and please feel free to fill out my online questionnaire. You may also reach me by email or by phone.


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